CottonPeak™ Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Enjoy the long hours of ride on buses, planes or trains. Say goodbye to terrible neck pain, backaches and uncomfortable shallow sleep!

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No matter the journey, Cotton Peak ™ inflatable travel pillow lets you enjoy different sleeping positions so you can conveniently enjoy truly deep sleep, even in transit!

Cotton Peak™  is designed according to the human cervical spine structure it fully supports your head in a natural forward position for maximum support & comfort.

It deflates to a pocket-size piece for easy transportation!

sleeping with travel pillow

No longer uncomfortably rest your head off the walls of transport! CottonPeak securely holds your head firm for deep uninterrupted sleep.

Super easy to use! Quickly inflates in less than a minute & folds down into an ultra-portable size. sleeping position with travel pillow

When done traveling, Cotton Peak ™ inflatable travel pillow is also great for nap breaks at the office, elevated neck support when watching a movie at home or camping trips with your loved ones!

Features :

  • NO NECK & BACK PAIN – Unlike traditional pillows, CottonPeak ™ travel pillow relieves pressure in your neck & back. So you can wake up well-rested, free from muscle soreness.
  • 60 SECOND INFLATION – Less than 1 min to fully inflate it by mouth and even quicker to deflate it!
  • SUPER COMPACT – Weighs less than 1 lb & shrinks down to easily fit into any luggage or backpacks for convenient access.
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE – Portable for Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Camping or Office nap time! Firmness can be adjusted to fit your preferences!


5 reviews for CottonPeak™ Inflatable Travel Pillow

  1. molly

    Perfect for traveling, great support, deflated is small and fits in my backpack, and easy to inflate.

  2. John W.

    I travel a lot and wow, better than the one with bean bag / sponge type. I threw every neck pillows I have away… you can adjust the firmness and two bumps gives more support. It’s so easy to pump the air and fold it back. I recommend this products for your trip!

  3. N. N

    I’m pleased with this pillow. The fabric is a nice quality and it seems sturdy. Only problem is inflating takes a little time but isn’t complicated or tiring.

  4. Andrianna Q.

    First ever travel pillow and I think I found the best! Its so easy to pump up and deflate. Material is very comfortable and I love how it fold up into itself.

  5. stephane

    I like this best for it’s packable quality. I only give it 4 stars because it does move around a little bit while you’re sleeping.

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