Lixada™ Lite-Line Titanium Wood Burner Camping Stove

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Lixada’s quality & durability, has raised the bar once again with the Lite-Line Wood-Burner Camping Stove! Now you can say goodbye to hauling around inconvenient, bulky gas canisters! 

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No longer haul bothersome & bulky gas canisters which can run out at any time, now you can rely on a meal using easy-to-findunlimited fuels like wood, twigs, branches & paper wherever you set up camp!

From taking family camping to your more adventurous hikes, Lixada is the perfect solution for an ultralight convenient camping stove. Cooking food or heating up with controlled safe fires has never been so convenient & easy!

Engineered for simplicity, Lixada can be assembled in under 1 minute through connecting it’s panels side by side meaning warm meals or perhaps just a well controlled safe fire & warmth is only an arms length away!

The material is corrosion resistant, long lasting & extremely durable for your adventures. As you would expect from a Lite-Line product it’s also extremely lightweight!

  • Aluminum construction – guarantees extreme durability as well as minimal weight.
  • Wide opening design for convenient adding wood and improved air flow, higher burning efficiency.Stability guaranteed design
  • Cross-stand trivet creates a stable cooking platform for any pot size.
  • Easy to set up and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, twigs, branches, leaves.
  • Weighs only 7.2oz and packs flat that fits into your pocket and backpack, very easy to carry.



  • Size: 130 * 105 * 160mm / 5.1 * 4.1 * 6.3in
  • Weight: 204g / 7.2oz
  • Total Weight: 223g / 7.9 oz
  • Package Size: 177 * 150 * 27mm / 7.0 * 5.9 * 1.1in
  • Package Weight: 278g / 9.8oz Package


4 reviews for Lixada™ Lite-Line Titanium Wood Burner Camping Stove

  1. Joshua H.

    I’ve had my Lixada for almost a year and overall really like it. I will admit that when I backpack I usually pack an alcohol stove. I do take the Lixada out as well, however, it just takes more time and is a little messier but that is the nature of any wood burning stove. If you find good and dry twigs this thing will work and cook wonderfully. If I was going into the wilderness for an extended period of time and had no clue what to expect you better believe that this would be coming along. It is very stable and my pots never feel “tippy.” Good product.

  2. Jordon

    Both stoves are light but the Titanium version is super super light and hiker-friendly. I live in Ogden, Utah and hike all over the state. I’ll definitely be bringing this with me this summer. Also the design makes a ton of sense and easy to light. Highly recommend.

  3. JP

    Good light weight stove. The holes on the bottom of the burner is too big, I think. So the gasification is not efficient or complete. When one puts a pot on top of this, it will generate a ton of soot. I modified it with a insert made out of a bean can lid. I drilled only enough holes on the lid to have an area that’s about 1/4 of the area of the top holes (on the burner, not the stand). This seems to cut down the smoke/soot considerably.

  4. Mark

    easy to light, easy to keep going. very small with a big enough burn chamber. cools down quick and super easy to use.

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