MiniReel™ Pocket Fishing Rod

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The MiniReel™ Pocket Fishing Rod is a fishing must-have that’s extremely compact and lightweight— just the size of a pen!

pocket fishing rod weight capability

You can carry this impressively small-sized rod anywhere: inside your backpack, briefcase, glove box, and yes, even in your pocket – Now always be prepared!

Convenience doesn’t have to mean low quality! Made of premium aluminum alloy, it has the heart and housing to hold even the heaviest and most stubborn fish.

pocket fishing rod compact

MiniReel™ has multiple impressive features, including counter-balance and a speed down button. This portable rod is an amazing tool for anyone from beginners to experienced fishermen.

Enjoy fishing with the MiniReel™ Pocket Fishing Rod on-the-go. Now you can fish anywhere, anytime!

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  • 8” when closed, 38” when extended
  • Forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag: full control
  • Lightweight for packing and traveling convenience
  • Perfect gift for fishing enthusiasts and/or beginners
  • Suitable for fishing in any location and weather


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4 reviews for MiniReel™ Pocket Fishing Rod

  1. MikeyJ

    Researched and purchased a few of these micro or pen rods and reels. This one is superior to the rest; especially the crummy bait casters. It spools easy and holds 110 yards of 4 pound mono. Have fished for and caught catfish, sand bass, crappie, and now rainbow trout stocked in public ponds in Texas. It is amazing how far this little guy will cast and how sensitive the rod is. And it will hold a decent sized fish; I would not be afraid to fight a 8 or 10 pounder on this rig. The drag system works well and the rod is stouter than you might think. If you want to have some fun and a challenge at the same time, try this one out. You will not be disappointed.

  2. PeteParker

    This first struck me as a nice conversation piece. I had a mishap on the way to the river today, and my fishing pole broke. Fortunately, I have this beauty standing by.
    It casts nice, reels well, and is surprisingly tough. It was very easy to rig, and can easily be used from a glove box. I was able to pull in five good sized bass (C&R) with this, just today.
    It makes a nice convo piece, is an excellent stand-by, and goes great in a bug-out bag.

  3. Victor

    I bought two of these pocket fishing rods last month. I caught some fishes withe the red one and the purple one broke the foot when I was changing out the line. However, the unit is usable. It’s light and small enough for a long backpacking trip and works.

    • MyCleverGIft

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you for your purchase. The issue you are having sounds like a defect, since you have purchased it last month, please provide us with your order number, we can ship you another product. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Have a nice day.

  4. Kalani

    For the most part, it works great. But, you need to switch the line size to 4lb or less, which limits you from catching the bigger sized fishes. Overall great item as a gift for anyone who wants to fish on the fly.

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